It's the little things

Lobster Love! #kitterypoint (Taken with Instagram at Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier)

Refreshing in any language :) #cocacola (Taken with Instagram at Petra, Jordan)

True. Oh how I love humus! (on a wall in the Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem)

Sunset in Caesarea/Qasariyya. #ceasarea #qasariyya #sunset (Taken with Instagram)

The sun bursting out over the Sea of Galilee. #kinneret #tiberias #sunrise (Taken with Instagram at Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) (כנרת))

Walk in the park — French Brittany style (Taken with Instagram at Millennium Park)

Personalized book labels? Yes, I’m that nerdy (and proud of it)! (Taken with instagram)

Summer Nosh (Taken with Instagram at Tony’s Clam Shop)

Brittany Bedtime #frenchbrittany

"Hunting ducks is what I like to do. Hey!" (Taken with Instagram at Millennium Park)

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